Alternative Fashion Styles. Urban Winter Fashion.


Alternative Fashion Styles. Urban Winter Fashion.

Alternative Fashion Styles

alternative fashion styles

alternative fashion styles - Green Chic:

Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style

Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style

"Matheson slyly steers us toward consumer goods and services that minimize our earth-stomping human footprint. She's brave enough to say 'buy less of everything,' and even the politically fraught 'buy nothing.' Matheson's genius is to make this seem not only doable, but fun."
- Elizabeth Royte, author of Garbage Land and Bottlemania

Want to go green without giving up great style? Welcome to the world of Green Chic. Choosing to be green makes a real difference in the fight against global warming. But did you know that it's also hip, classic and stylish?

Offering up dozens of author-tested, earth-friendly ideas, writer Christie Matheson reveals that being chic and saving the planet aren't mutually exclusive.

Embrace the fabulousness of green living and you can:

- Look gorgeous
- Have a killer wardrobe
- Feel amazing
- Travel in style
- Create a home that's an oasis
- Host fun parties
- Eat incredible food and drink phenomenal wine
... All while feeling more connected to your friends, family and nature.

(And did we mention that green women don't get fat?)

Printed on recycled paper, with a portion of its proceeds going to a green cause, Green Chic is the perfect book for style-savvy readers with a green heart. Can living a chic green lifestyle TRULY make a difference to the planet? You bet your organic cotton sheets it can.

Buying into the Green Chic movement doesn't mean you need to buy more stuff.
Avoid products that purport to be green just for the marketing effect: "organic" processed foods; huge, gas-guzzling hybrid SUVs; clothes boasting that they're green just because they're made from "natural" cotton. Claiming to be green is trendy and companies out there are taking advantage. Don't believe all the hype.

- Ditch bottled water: refill a sassy thermos.
- Pop little purchases in your purse, not a shopping bag.
- Sip biodynamic wine.
- Choose cashmere, not acrylic.
- Let your hair air dry for a while before you blow dry: less frizz, less energy consumed.
- Unplug (and put away) unsightly cell phone chargers.
- Opt for quality over quantity in everything you buy.
- Cut down on clutter.
- Limit your consumption of anything packaged in plastic.
- Support local designers.


Don't go out and replace everything you own, from your makeup to your wardrobe to your furniture, with (theoretically) ecofriendly products. Being ecofriendly means consuming less, not more. Get in the habit of thinking before you buy. The best time to purchase ecofriendly goods is when you need them. That's when you're in a position to make a choice and express yourself as a green consumer.

Being Green isn't a fad ... it's timelessly chic.

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Leather Cat Ears with Earrings White Black Gray Goth Lolita Kawaii Cosplay Alternative Fashion Wear

Leather Cat Ears with Earrings White Black Gray Goth Lolita Kawaii Cosplay Alternative Fashion Wear

For all you anime fans, furry lovers, cosplay addicts and those into Goth and Kawaii! Unparalleled cat ears.

These cat ears are made from three to four ounce thick genuine leather. Water shaped to hold their form but still be slightly flexible. The exterior has been dyed black and roughed to simulate the velvety texture of a cat’s outer ear. The lower outer ear rim has been cut and sculpted with the notch that real cat ears have.

Each ear is pierced twice. The right ear has permanent earrings: a small silver tone stud and a synthetic onyx crystal stud with a silver tone back. The left ear has removable earrings: two small silver tone rings.

The inner surface is embossed with a pattern to simulate veining and painted white with a wash of antique black. Hand curled white feathers have been adhered to the inner edge of the ears. The curls are intentionally asymmetrical.

The position of animal ears determines the emotion humans perceive from the animal, so these ears are positionable and not on a head band which offers greater choice of expression to the wearer.

These ears are ultra light with pin loops worked into the bottom edge of the ears. Fasten the ears to the head by pinning them to your hair via the pin loops. Several black Conair Secure Hold bobby pins will be included with your purchase, but you can also use your personal pins or clips.

These ears are very light for leather, but make sure you fasten them adequately to prevent slippage. This means pinning them in at least three points along the ear base and possibly crossing the pins in each place to create a tension point. This takes more effort than slipping on a headband but provides a superior aesthetic:)

Dimensions: 2 1/2 inches tall. The base of each is slightly less than 2 inches. The depth is slightly less than 2 inches.

These ears were hand shaped and are a one of a kind piece.

Unique Features:
• Handmade
• Leather
• Positionable
• Pierced with earrings
• Realistic shape

I hand make accessories in Goth, Horror, Punk, Rocker, Rockabilly and Pin Up fashion styles for the citizens of alternative culture and children of the dark. I’m adding new designs all the time. Check out my store for more and join my Facebook for info and promotions.

Decorating deviant girls and boys worldwide. Wear what you like. nox hyde

Distressed Pink Spike Leather Cuff Bracelet with Rose Rhinestones Punk Rocker Goth Alternative Fashion Wear

Distressed Pink Spike Leather Cuff Bracelet with Rose Rhinestones Punk Rocker Goth Alternative Fashion Wear

Made from gator embossed genuine leather. Three to four ounce thickness. Generously conditioned with natural oil. Hand painted, stained and sealed with a high sheen coating which brings out the beautiful pattern.

Silver tone hardware with a two snap adjustable closure, ? inch spikes and 5mm synthetic rose crystals. Super soft black suede lining keeps your skin cozy. Smooth burnished edges sealed with beeswax for a professional finish.

Color: Distressed Pink (pink over gray with a weathered paint look)
Size: Medium - measures 6 3/4 to 7 1/2 inches along inside of closed cuff. 1 inch wide.

I hand make accessories in Goth, Horror, Punk, Rocker, Rockabilly and Pin Up fashion styles for the citizens of alternative culture and children of the dark. I’m adding new designs all the time. Check out my store for more and join my Facebook for info and promotions.

Decorating deviant girls and boys worldwide. Wear what you like. nox hyde

alternative fashion styles

alternative fashion styles

I'm One: 21st Century Mods

A stunning photographic portrait
of the Mod scene today an
identity, attitude, and style that s
always in, no matter what the
The Mod subculture has always been about working-class aspiration with an obsessive attention to style and detail-the right haircuts, shoes, records, shirts, wheels-to live and look impeccably neat, no matter what one's background. From Alfie, The Beatles and The Who, to Paul Weller, Duffy, and The Rifles, the smart and urbane look is revived again and again as each generation rediscovers what it means to be a Mod. Today across Britain the lifestyle is still going strong, and it is lovingly recorded here by photographer Horst Friedrichs. His passion for everything Mod extends from high-end fashion accessories to an appreciation of the subculture itself-endless dance parties, Vespa rides, and a pared down way of life that is best defined as clean living under difficult circumstances.A" Whether shot in Margate, Scarborough, Brighton, or London, Friedrich's photographs could be right out of 1966 in the way they capture the essence of Mod. This rare collection of stunning images provides a sensitive portrayal of Britain's Mod community from the past decade and a unique insight into the diversity of the contemporary Mod scene.

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Boy fashion games. Urban fashion for men 2011

Boy Fashion Games

boy fashion games

Game Boy Micro

Game Boy Micro

Today I accompanied a bunch of Izumotaisha-area elementary school kids on a trip to Matsue, and was rather handsomely compensated, so I blew my earnings on this GBmicro. It's the first console I've bought in Japan, so the Japanese manual is difficult to understand, but in typical Japanese fashion it contains dozens of helpful (and amusing) illustrations. Also, this color scheme is modeled after the original Famicom (Japanese NES), and I doubt I'll be able to find it in the States.

Game cartridge sold separately.

Bingham School, North Carolina, 1908 Football Team (detail)

Bingham School, North Carolina, 1908 Football Team (detail)

(on back) Schedule of Games: Oct 2, Knox School, Asheville; Oct 10, N.C. Med Col., Charlotte; Oct. 19, Tenn. Univ., 2nd, Asheville; Oct. 26, Lenoir Col., Asheville; Oct. 31, N.C.Univ.,2nd, Asheville; Nov 7, Univ. South Carolina, Columbia; Nov 16, Wake Forest Col., Asheville; Nov. 21, Davidson Col., 2nd., Ashville; Nov. 26, Maryville Col., Asheville.

boy fashion games

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Fashion jewellery brands. London fashion week designers 2011.

Fashion Jewellery Brands

fashion jewellery brands

fashion jewellery brands - Indian Gift-Gold

Indian Gift-Gold Plated Beaded Thewa Necklace Set Ethnic Design Set 3pc(Brand New) Free Shipping

Indian Gift-Gold Plated Beaded Thewa Necklace Set Ethnic Design Set 3pc(Brand New) Free Shipping

The Origin Of Thewa dates back in the year 1767 under the patronage of Maharawat Samant Sing of Rajasthan. This vernacular word "Thewa" , literally means "Setting". Thewa is a traditional art of fusing 23K Gold with multicoloured glass. The glass is treated by a special process to have glittering effects, which in turn highlights the intricate gold work. Thewa, an art that pulsates with life,caught seemingly in movement, in motifs used on jewellery, which shows the culture, heritage and tales of romance and valour of Rajasthan with nature and happiness depicting the art of the fine craftsmanship.

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NARDUCCI Jewelry | Old Luxe

NARDUCCI Jewelry | Old Luxe

Designer Leo Narducci graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1953. When he graduated from the RI School of Design Leo moved to NYC and was mentored by Arnold Schoenfeld from the famous sportswear firm Loomtogs. Narducci aslo became a regular editorial contributor to magazines such as Harper's and Vogue.

Throughout the sixties Narducci continued refining his designing skills culminating in winning the prestigious Coty Award as one of America’s most promising young designers. The Narducci name went on to international fame establishing itself as a fashion forward force. The Narducci label has appeared in a variety of labels ranging from dresses, sportswear and accessories.

Narducci went on to create Studios N, a full service design company, specializing in product development for women’s catalogs and retail stores. In 2010, Leo Narducci started the process of re-branding LEO NARDUCCI. He introduced a line of fashion jewelry as well as a Signature silk scarf collection. Leo's design philosophy "Fashion need not be expensive" and mantra "Quality materials combined with simple designs, with just the right amount of dramatic touches, is what I'm all about" remains strong and relevant in todays fashion world.

14 :: yu = ?

14 :: yu = ?

Just a couple updates to what's been going on.

This is one of the photos I took for the products of the new jewellery store selling fusion oriental jade and oxidised gold jewellery. I thought the few shots I took for their mailer turned out pretty neat and I particularly loved how this one stood out against the red lacquer, one of their props from their clothing shops.

That wasn't the last photo I took. I have plenty (I'm developing a rather healthy queue). I've just finished my period of heavy travelling, but I will be going to Hong Kong for a short holiday with my brother just after the Christmas period.

Speaking of the Christmas period, I've yet to finish all my gifts this year. My lack of time, or my bad time management skills, is turning out to be quite a nightmare!!! =S

fashion jewellery brands

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Fashion photographers in india - 40s fashion women.

Fashion Photographers In India

fashion photographers in india

fashion photographers in india - Nude Photography:

Nude Photography: The Art and the Craft

Nude Photography: The Art and the Craft

Follow practical advice from nude photography experts and learn to create picture-perfect results every time with this master class in photographing the human form. Everything's covered, from working successfully with amateur and professional models to getting great results in your own home or outdoors. Find tips on setting up a shoot, lighting effects, and post-production techniques, so you can turn a good picture into a really great one. Get inspired by a stunning Photographer's Gallery featuring the work of an international panel of photographers, from Andreas Bitesnich and Sylvie Blum, to Allan Jenkins and Almond Chu.

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A Flickr of Light in my Darkness...

A Flickr of Light in my Darkness...

I had thought I would never be able to return to my first love ... Photography... after 20 years.

Then I bought a new D SLR. And I knew I was right. I wasn't going to be a photographer. Terrible as I am with my beloved art.

Munish Khanna, India's leading fashion photographer, presents the only sliver of a hope in my darkness. Perhaps he would still make a photographer of a man with five thumbs.

Fashion & Glamour Photography New Delhi India

Fashion & Glamour Photography New Delhi India

Fashion & Glamour Photography by Advertising & Fashion Photographer Surinder Singh based in New Delhi, India.

fashion photographers in india

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Fashion Tv Cedar Square : Fashion Online Dress : Paris Fall Fashion 2011.

Fashion Tv Cedar Square

fashion tv cedar square

veteran Red Cedar, (Toona ciliata)

veteran Red Cedar, (Toona ciliata)

Red Cedar were logged in this area at least 180 years ago. In 1819, Governor Lachlan Macquarie enforced a law to stop the excessive logging of this famous Australian mahogany.

The photographed tree is a veteran, hundreds of years old. Three metres wide at the base, around 20 metres tall, and many more metres wider in the crown. Perhaps this Red Cedar escaped the axe as it is in such an inaccessible place on a steep slope. And the tree does not have a long straight bole, which is favoured by timber merchants. It's a multi-stemmed Red Cedar.

Yesterday I parked the car by the Princes Highway, and crawled up this rainforest remnant next to the Pacific Ocean. The forest floor is a loose scree slope, made up of small particles of local basalt. Footing really difficult as I kept slipping and nearly falling many times. What was worse is that the forest floor is covered in leaves of the Giant Stinging Tree. Any touch of those leaves could cause serious pain. Camera in one hand, and almost nothing to grab hold of with the other hand.

It was hard to determine which was noisier, the cars and trucks of the Princes Highway below me, or the myriad of small birds in the rainforest. The rainforest is Illawarra sub tropical, near Kiama. The understorey mostly made up of Brush Bloodwood and Whalebone Tree. My goal was to search for rare Illawarra rainforest trees such as White Beech, Socketwood and Bangalow Palm. However, I found this broad based Red Cedar instead.

Perhaps next time, I'll wear more suitable clothes. And be fitter, and walk closer to the creek. And next time I might find rarer plants. But yesterday's trip was a success. To find such a huge butt of a healthy, pre-European Red Cedar. It was quite a thrill.

Cedar Key Evening Sky From the Airport

Cedar Key Evening Sky From the Airport

Cedar Key, Levy, Florida
8:30:05 PM

fashion tv cedar square

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