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Boy fashion games. Urban fashion for men 2011

Boy Fashion Games

boy fashion games

Game Boy Micro

Game Boy Micro

Today I accompanied a bunch of Izumotaisha-area elementary school kids on a trip to Matsue, and was rather handsomely compensated, so I blew my earnings on this GBmicro. It's the first console I've bought in Japan, so the Japanese manual is difficult to understand, but in typical Japanese fashion it contains dozens of helpful (and amusing) illustrations. Also, this color scheme is modeled after the original Famicom (Japanese NES), and I doubt I'll be able to find it in the States.

Game cartridge sold separately.

Bingham School, North Carolina, 1908 Football Team (detail)

Bingham School, North Carolina, 1908 Football Team (detail)

(on back) Schedule of Games: Oct 2, Knox School, Asheville; Oct 10, N.C. Med Col., Charlotte; Oct. 19, Tenn. Univ., 2nd, Asheville; Oct. 26, Lenoir Col., Asheville; Oct. 31, N.C.Univ.,2nd, Asheville; Nov 7, Univ. South Carolina, Columbia; Nov 16, Wake Forest Col., Asheville; Nov. 21, Davidson Col., 2nd., Ashville; Nov. 26, Maryville Col., Asheville.

boy fashion games

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